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Ruling Out Breast Cancer and Reducing Its Risks in Women


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month—a time when many people don pink clothing or wear pink ribbons in support of raising awareness about the impact of breast cancer. It is also American Pharmacists Month to recognize the contribution of pharmacists in healthcare and what they do for the community.

And the best ways to celebrate this month are by uplifting women who are suffering from breast cancer, visiting our pharmacy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and speaking with our pharmacists to help provide information about reducing the risk of breast cancer.

A short conversation with a local pharmacist can make a big difference. Although many healthcare products in Pennsylvania can help keep women in top shape, pharmacists can simplify care and provide easy access to answers that can bring relief to your worries.

The best way to rule out breast cancer is through mammograms or by getting an x-ray of your breasts. Some medication services can help manage symptoms of breast cancer, but it is also important to lower your risks of breast cancer through the following tips:

  • Keep a healthy weight by eating properly and exercising regularly.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol or limit the amount that you drink.
  • Talk to your doctors about the risks associated with birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy if you’re taking them.
  • If you have children, breastfeed them if you can.

If you are affected with breast cancer, Bethlehem Pharmacy Rx Inc is always with you. Talk to our pharmacist about reducing your risk of breast cancer. For other concerns like immunizations and medical supplies in Allentown, Pennsylvania, call us now.

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