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Are the Generic Version of Medicines Safe?


A generic drug is a pharmaceutical drug that is equivalent to a brand-name product in dosage, strength, way of administration, quality, and its intended use. Generics are essential since they are necessarily less expensive choices to their brand name equivalents. The accessibility and use of generic choices to brand-name drugs have an important result on cost-saving. At BETHLEHEM PHARMACY RX INC, a trusted and well-established Pharmacy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we can provide you quality generic medications.

According to the FDA, all drugs consist of brand-name drugs and generic drugs, which should work well and be safe. Generic drugs utilize the same active ingredients as their brand name equivalent and hence have the same risks and benefits. We can guarantee safe and effective Medical Supplies in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

To guarantee the safety, quality, and effectiveness of our generic and Healthcare Products in Pennsylvania, it is FDA approved. The FDA places all generic drugs during a detailed reassess method including a review of scientific information about the elements and performance of the standard drug.

About half of all Generic Plans and medicines are made by brand-name companies. They can make copies of their medications or other company’s brand medicines and then sell them without the brand name.

You may avail the generic versions of your medicines in our pharmacy. We can also deliver your medicines right at your doorsteps through our fast Delivery Services. To know more, we keep our lines open.

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