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Common Habits That Damage Your Heart

Common Habits That Damage Your Heart

Certain habits and activities feel harmless but may damage your heart health. A Pharmacy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania lists down heart-damaging habits that may convince you to make changes to your routine:

  • Sitting the entire day
    If your job requires you to sit for most hours of the day, five or more, make it a habit to get up and take a walk for as quick as five minutes. This little change in your routine can already protect yourself from the negative effects of being sedentary.
  • Excessive imbibing
    Abusing alcohol can result in obesity, blood pressure, and stroke, which then can lead to a higher risk of heart disease. Some Healthcare Products in Pennsylvania that you drink may even have dangerous interactions with alcohol.
  • Too much stress
    While stress can help you with the adrenaline that it releases, it also affects how your body functions temporarily, such as increased heart rate and blood pressure. Long-term stress can damage the blood vessels in the heart, so if you need medications for your anxiety or depression, get these medical supplies in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
  • Too much salt
    Overdoing your daily diet with salt can lead to high blood pressure, which ultimately leads to heart disease. Some foods with a high amount of sodium include canned goods, chips, salty snacks, and more. Make sure that you manage your blood pressure well, too. Get Auto Rx Refills for your blood pressure medication prescriptions on time!

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