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For More Information, Please Call: 610-419-6522

Offering you a full assortment of low-cost, high-quality generic medicines.

pharmacist handling medicine tablets to the customerComposition with dietary supplement capsules and containersComposition with dietary supplement capsules and containers. Variety of drug pillsAt our pharmacy, we believe in doing everything that we can to reduce the financial burden on our patients and their families. Our packaging services are absolutely free of charge as is our delivery services. Patients are only responsible for their copays as designated by their insurance plans.

We have a free medication program for those who are uninsured called Gold Club which offers massive discounts on medication without the use of any cards or insurance; and includes copays on certain medications of $5.99. We also routinely price match with our corporate competitors on prescriptions (within reason). All of this is provided free as we consider these services prerequisites, fundamental to customer service.

We consider our customer’s budget. Generic medicines are the same as brand-name drugs in quality, dosage, strength, and safety. They are also cheaper for the manufacturers do not incur the expense of making and marketing a new prescription. Bethlehem Pharmacy offers a plan that helps you manage drug costs while keeping your well-being.

Our pharmacists work with other healthcare professionals to design a list of generic drugs that are preferred for use by the Health Plan. You no longer have to worry about sacrificing your drugs to pay for other expenses. With us, receiving quality services and effective products is made easy by our generic plan.

If you have further questions on how you can avail of our generic plan, give us a call ahead at 610-419-6522. We will also take the time to answer any of your questions, contact us now for inquiries.